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Any Tai Pai Tong serve any nice & tasty food @ Kalng Valley?
1. Chicken Rice
2. Sam Kan Chong Pork Mee
3. Rojak Buah
4. Cheong Fun Har Go
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Anne V
1 answer
That is 1 Rojak Buah very nice to eat @ Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail just opposite KFC.

3 answers
RoJAK Buah!! my favorite.. there is a stall in damansara jaya, he sells good rojak buah..he sells for many years, the sauce very thick and he gives alot of peanuts and crackers too.. comes with small and big packet. you should try it out.. just opposite atria kentucky.. he dun have a stall but he own a mobile motorbike stall.. try it out.. reasonable price too!

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