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fine dining experience
within klang valley, we're looking for a place that serves up delectable dishes while being able to accomodate 350 to 400 pax. any suggestions?
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3 answers
That are many place can accomodate more than 350 pax.

1. Damansara Palace Restaurant
2. Tai Thong (Summer Palace & SS2)
3. Restaurant KL Tower
4. Bukit Kiara Tai Thong
5. Sime Darby Convention Center
6. Over Sea Restaurant (Armada)

1 answer
Inquirer Comment

I meant fine dining for instance at places like
1. TopHat
2. Ciao
3. Courtyard garden

These places serves fusion or italian foods. Very Very nice ambience!

Unfortunately, they could only accomodate up to 200 pax.

3 answers
Courtyard Garden is good, nice ambience but it's next to the condominium's basement car park. But with the live band it really makes a lot of different. For the bachelor's nite not badlor... If u r looking for a fine dining, maybe it's not what u want, but allow me to introduce u either westin or kl hilton. The food is great (menu is up to ur choice)of course u might want to have the live band too :}

5 answers
courtyard garden can't fit 350 to 400 pax, max of about 200 or so and even so, the restaurants are split and are kinda far away from one another.

yes, live bands do make a difference and it's certainly something to consider. still sourcing for some other possible venues as of now and thing is, with regards to westin / kl hilton, you're paying very much more just for the name even though the pax is quite small.

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