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GOOD food place around Penang - WHERE?
PJ-gurl thinking of driving up to Penang for some local delights... Would appreciate some tips on where to go for good food. Thanks
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5 answers
can i come along??hehehhe..

well, Fried Oyster with egg at Jalan Burma.my fav.
then ais kacang...but dunno wats the road name.know how to go only..
nasi kandar, corner shop near Kamdar.
Fried Char Kuey Teow with BIG PRAWNS..dunno wats the road name also but know how to go only.
seafood. near a place call end of the world.its after ferringi.drive on until u reach a seafood place call end of the world. but the better seafood is near the polis station inside.

alot more..cannot think now...tell u later..

Shirley Suki
2 answers
Inquirer Comment

WOW !! seems like you do know many places to eat in Penang !! hehee.. sure, if I do decide to go, I'll let you know. ;o)


5 answers
me half penang orang mah...hahaha

1 answer
whenever i go to penang (my favourite city besides KL)i will not miss going to SWATOW LANE. u can get all the best penang food there.. assam laksa, curry laksa, chee cheong fun, wo tau kow, bacang, hokkien mee, ice kacang, etc. but be prepared to sweat it out!!! if u dunno how to get there just ask anyone and they will know this place.

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