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How much are you willing to pay for halal dimsum?
Hi all! I'm would love to know....
- how much do you guys willing to pay for a good halal dim sum that taste very very close to the real one (made from pork) and how much are you paying right now to eat halal dim sum or non halal dim sum?
- How much you think is justified if the outlet have a comfortable seating arrangement,air cond, clean, average interior design and renovation.
- On average how much you spend per person for a dim sum meal?
- would you attracted to the offer If the dim sum outlet is having a promotion something like - FREE 2 basket of dim sum of your choice on your next trip when you order 15 basket and above?

My friend will rewards the most constructive critic or answer or suggestion to the above question with a FREE Unlimited dim sum for 4 people. Hope you guys will enjoy answering those question and get some good feedback from all of you. Thanks in advance ya....
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11 answers

I'd love to be the first to answer your question because I have this weird crave for Dim Sum on every other weekends.

I usually go around to look for Halal Dim Sum and just couldn't find any place that really rocks except by going back the same place more than two or three times. Which is currently I always visit the Dim Sum at the Maju Junction Mall.

I wouldn't know at all on how would the original pork Dim Sum taste like, but I definitely give it a try if I know a place that is serving Halal Dim Sum. However, an average of RM70-RM120 for 2 people (me and me loupo chai) is rather within my budget.

It would certainly be a plus plus to have the restaurant pleasantly set especially if the price is above the average. But, if the Dim Sum is awesome, I won't be minding about the place settings too much.

Promotion you'd say? Of course yes, that is another triple plus if there such things being offered. The Maju Junction that I'm currently always go is having 30% discount on every Sunday. That would have definitely attracted me to go back even though I had other choices.

Sorry if this post is too long. Peace.

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