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May I know where can I locate any dim sum shop that open in the morning which located at KL city centre? Food lovers, please help to advise. Thanks in advance. Cheers ...
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11 answers
I heard that Pudu road-side area got great dim-sum.

It opens as early as 7AM.

3 answers
There is a dim sum shop at Jalan Ipoh opens throughout the nite till the next morning. but i forgot the restaurant's name. Their char siew pau is kwong tong's stye (seldom get it from anywhere). Another recommendation will be Royal Palace at Jalan Ampang. Hope u like it.

2 answers
KL-Imbi Palace seafood restaurant for sunday dim sum, operation hour from 10am onward. please stated if you need nite dimsum for recommendation

6 answers
The Lou yau kee dim sum shop at Jalan Pasar, near Pudu Plaza, beside of Ruby Complex............ They open the shop at 5.30am & close at 11am plus cuz all the dim sum sold out than they close.

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