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what kind of deserts that nice and delicious and can keep fit as well??
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5 answers
having desert and yet wanting to keep fit is like an oxymoron. thing is, for deserts to taste truly heavenly, it ain't gonna be that low on fat and hence isn't for those who are too conscious on health. in fact, it's for those who celebrate life's pleasures... food:)

well, there's the usual low fat yogurts and italian sorbets, but aside that you'll be missing out on delectable sundaes, cakes, pies, brownies, and the list just goes on and on:)

2 answers
well, its quiet true cuz we aint living in a perfect world as well..;p
u wan something nice, u had 2 sacrifice something... there r still other alternatives though, eat less...dun u think tats a better choice?
n btw, u aint fat la...haha...

phnn phnn
2 answers
Inquirer Comment

wow..really xpert yeaz..
thx for de comment..
i do appreciate it guyz..


4 answers
Hehe, nice & delicious???
Maybe u overlooked the wonders of fruit, ya fruit, just like banana, papaya, apple, water melon....u just name it.

If it's too boring, can try the smoothies. Remember, always go for the natural ones, i mean not those dried (guava, jack fruit), fried (pisang goreng) or processed in any other ways.

It will definitely keep you fit and would not spoil your teeth cause it's all natural sugar (fructose) in it's purest form, would not make you diabetic some more :-)

Hope this give u some insight into food enjoyment and at the same time healthy & fit!

phnn phnn
2 answers
Inquirer Comment

...ur idea not bad..
can make wid salad oso yeaz..
hhm..u put dis name..really surprise me lez..cz my bez fren oso hy.lim de.. but is a galz..anyway..thx..

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