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Where can I eat Char Koay Teow with big prawn and the taste like "Penang" ?
I would like know which part of Pee Jay area have a nice Char Koay Teow.
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2 answers
I sometimes go to La-Manila in Mid Valley located at top floor in front of the Nike Boutique and order their Koey Teow.

Taste almost quite good. A plate got lots of big prawns, kerang and big portion of koey teow.

6 answers
I know how "char koay teow" taste like, but just wondering does "penang" have a taste?? Penang not a state belonging to malaysia? ha ha!!!!!....

1 answer
There is this restaurant named Lorong Seratus Ribu at SS2, a few shops after Hoppy (Duck Rice). It serves all penang hawker food like otak-otak, lobak, curry me and more. I've tried the asam laksa and the Char koay Tiew very good too...yes with 2 big prawns. Can give it a try!

3 answers
You can actually find in PJ new state, in Restoran Xin Yun (chinese Coffee Shop)& another 1 is behind of the old cinema. Both also taste Penang. Prawn ok, but not really big.
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4 answers
TAman Miharja , Cheras..
Restaurant LI YA

1 answer
you can try to coke your own, go to market to buy a big prawn but small prawn more better for char koay teow, and also by kicap, and put more ciri good...............

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