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Where can I find a no-pork served seafood?
Any place within Malaysia will be great!

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3 answers
I think klang teluk gong seafood there is pork free.. anybody correct me if i'm wrong.

3 answers
I remember where i went with pork free seafood.. Is in Kota Kinabalu that i went on March. The restaurant name is Ocean Seafood Village. check on my food blog

3 answers
Bangsar Seafood Restaurant got many Malay people like to eat @ the place. Or you can try at Kelana Jaya Seafood Center, just beside LDP.

Andy Low
7 answers
One great place for you to look for seafood (pork free) is PANTAI SEAFOOD located near to Damansara Jaya (Kampung Sungai Ara). They served fresh seafood that you able to choose from. Nice environment to have dinner. Make sure to confirm booking coz its always full even on weekdays.

Let us know once you tried on them. No regrets. Their good=worth of money $$....


11 answers
Inquirer Comment

Thanks everyone for the great suggest.

Naugty: I'll keep in mind about the KK Seafood. Sure try to visit them when I go KK. But, I never heard the Teluk Gong in Klang Seafood. Think gonna try it soon.

Sense: I've tried the Kelana Seafood during a working day night. Although not much of choice, but the price we paid which is quite cheap for buffet, I think it's alright. Your Bangsar Seafood recommendation is now in my visit list :).

Andy Low: Yeap, I've been to Pantai Seafood at Kg. Sungai Ara with my ex-boss for a lunch meet-up. You are right, their seafood quite delicious. I didn't get the chance to order what I want coz my ex-boss was doing the selections. Maybe will visit again with my family.

6 answers
As I remember, Fatty Crab on Taman Megah has this big signboard saying NO Pork Served.

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