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Where can i get the best laksa?
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3 answers
Do u mean asam laksa? There is a pasar malam on Wed near SS3, after Shell station. I dunno what the place is called? Everybody is lining up for the asam laksa. U better b patient n dont u ever try to cut the queue as u will get scolded by the bos then. After the asam laksa do try out the "yuyubing" as dessert u can find it there too.

3 answers
Inquirer Comment

good laksa in pj, this i got to try it out. but bascially i'm in pg, home of laksa lover, siam laksa or asam laksa.

anyone know any good stall? i'm willingly to give it a bet.


11 answers
Just the other day, I went to Penang and had lots of Durians at Balik Pulau hilly road.

While having just durian wasn't enough, we stopped by at Balik Pulau town and went to a laksa stall beside the wet market.

In my opinion they served quite nice laksa, I had mix of Siam and Asam. Also, not forgetting I ordered air buah pala, a first time for me.

Have you tried the laksa there before?

3 answers
Inquirer Comment

definately one of the best around, had a bowl last weekend as well. the siam laksa just irresistible, finish until the very last drop.

you should try ayer item, lorang selamat & jalan perak also next time.

some friend told me at parit buntah, there's this one laksa stall that only sell on sunday. anyone know about this ?

3 answers
The best that i found in PJ is SS2, pasar malam on Thursday. Only a day there. The stall just located opposite the OK Restoran. The soup really like Penang style.

The other 1 is in paramount, in front of the morning wet market & a florist there. Is mobile stall. They sell Prawn mee & laksa as well.The Prawn mee quite "Penang"!

This is the only 2 stall that i most like & search many years in PJ!

2 answers
you may find a good KL laksa with rich curry and coconut gravy and come with "raw si-hum", long bean, eggplant, to-fu pok and dried curry chicken on top. located at Lee lam thye market street off petaling street.( few store available by old timer) operation morning onward.please explore the area for more goodies.such as assam laksa, pork porride, and more.enjoy.....

1 answer
in penang you have to order assam laksafrom stall no. 11 at gurney drive. absolutely fabulous, especially with cili padi....for siam laksa check out lorong selamat one of the stalls by the roadside.

2 answers
agreed wif da no.11 laksa in gurney, but if u wanna go someplace not in town, u can try da 1 in hill railway road...errmm...just opposite asia cafe...

3 answers
The one that Cheryl mention at the wet market and florist is actually SEA Park and not Paramount. Yes their laksa is really good!!

Another one you can try is at Parmount O&S coffee shop (around the Post Office)

4 answers
Well, if u ask me for curry laksa, i would say in Kepong, the one found at the Happy Garden City Food Court (next to Carrefour) is really value for $$.
Only RM 4 but lots of chicken and the curry is great!

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