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One may ask, why should anyone partner with a website for this matter; eatery2u.com?

Partnering with us can be in many ways, we will take the example derived from the website. If you are a business owner or a company's A&P manager, you can basically advertise your products or related information on our website.

In year 2006, world-wide Internet Advertising revenue is at staggering of USD16 Billion.

Most companies had increase their yearly revenue after venture into Internet Advertising with online companies such as youtube.com, digg.com and others.

In Malaysia alone, there are more than 10 million internet users and it is growing rapidly every year. Each of these users is a potential customer to any product that is being advertised on the internet.

We virtually allocated advertisement space on all of our pages. You can typically advertise at any sensible area of a page. The selection of areas is totally depending on where you feel the best.

As you can see our website is food related. Although we provide service with all segment of companies, we do give precedence to business owners that come from Food and Beverage industry.

We do suggest companies to give a try to Internet Advertising. If you would like to give a shot, we can consult you on what needs to be done and what benefit can be gained. You will be suprised how affordable is Internet Advertising once you compare it with the Return of Investment (ROI).

Further acquaintance can be reached at info@senselink.net or call us at fixed line number (+6)03-61578716.

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