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Name: Anika Ali Female, 36 Single Member Since: April 19th, 2007 State: Kuala Lumpur Location: Kg Baru Company: Government Love To Eat: Chinese Flavours Malay Dishes Seafood Delights Last Activity: 11 Years Ago Ika's url: http://www.eatery2u.com/ika-606

About Me:
sensitive person but very kind n sweet..
happy go lucky,n easy 2 make friend wit anybody...
want 2 luv n be loving wit anybody...

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2 many school la..... ~biarlah rahsia... singing,reading,listening 2 music n so on
bout life...watever happen life must go on, right? ~dont look back..tapi tak tengok lagi... r&b soul, slow rock n balade apa2 saja..

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