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  • Roti Terbang @ Bachang Melaka

    Posted September 3rd, 2007 at 2:37 am

    Strongly recommended Roti Terbang which is more commonly as Roti canai. It is nice to serve with your own hands without spoon and fork.

    You can see from the video how the experts manage their presentation Video taken from the Roti Terbang at Bachang Melaka.

    Check this out!!
    The link to the roti terbang presentation:


    Roti Terbang,em..nice!!~

  • Ice Ice Baby Juru Autocity Penang

    Posted September 3rd, 2007 at 2:32 am

    Baby Sundae layering goodness Rm6.90

    Ice cream will drive you crazy?
    Emm..For me it is absolutely right especially in the hot day.
    Im sure you listened to the song “Ice Ice Baby” during our primary time. At last we have “Ice Ice Baby” located in Juru Autocity ,Penang.

    Ice cream-Food that melts your heart .Agree?

    Come and get a scoop of your ice cream,
    That was sincerely one of the nice ice cream I ever have. I think you may have inspired me to go again and I can try the second time as well ><

    I had my “Chocolate go nuts” ice cream at that night lately, but couldn’t forget about the taste until today.So Yummy!! Hopefully I won't be too late to introduce the great foods.

  • Korean Restaurant(大长今Da Chang Jin)

    Posted August 24th, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    Saranghero,mean I love you..我对你说。。。

    We had tried this trendy but EXPENSIVE Da-Chang Jing restaurant(Yeap,the particular named is quoted from the Korean series大长今) which is located at the right hand side of the main entrance of Senyum Shopping Complex @ Melaka Raya

    A place to go for a Korean-style steamboat and delights.. With their interior design of wooden bench but you noneed to ben your leg in order to dine. Two steamboat stove is placed in each centre of table.

    For the meals, we ordered porks and chicken meats and also 2 type of their favourite soups for steamboat (seafood and spicy).For me it is not spicy enough.ha><

    At first, we thought we would have the chance to try the BBQ ourselves but they did it for us. Well... this is to retain the originality of it because if we were the one doing it and we didn't know how to do it well, it's going to spoil the dish.>

  • Sliced Fish Beehoon Soup(Taman Asean,Melaka)

    Posted August 23rd, 2007 at 2:07 am

    Fried fish fillet spread among the beehoon soup

    I love their 招牌菜: Sliced Fish Beehoon Soup 鱼片米粉汤!!
    Unfortunately this Restaurant is located far away from Bukit Beruang, or else I will visit it often.

    This Thye Hing Restaurant located in Taman Asean near Malim, after few rounds hunting, finally we stopped at this restaurant cause we wanted to try their specialist Sliced Fish Soup.

    As usual, we ordered a big bowl of sliced fish soup for each of us. To be honest,the taste definitely the best compare to other places(I tried this beehoon soup in Ixora Foodcourt once b4 and it sucks!).Eat first, think later!

    PS: They din put up their landmark,if you interesting to know the location can ask me personally~ Make sure you try their Sliced Fish Beehoon Soup 鱼片米粉汤!!Rm5++

    Photo abit blur because took in the dark condition.

  • Wan Tan Mee (Tong Fang Kopitiam东方茶园)

    Posted August 23rd, 2007 at 2:01 am

    Finally I manage to free myself to try out the Wan Tan Mee located at the Restaurant Tong Fang东方茶园 in Melaka Town. (it is just opposite the 7-Eleven after the right turn at the CAPITOL junction around Bukit Cina ) I believe the older people will know this place, the owner has been selling at here for over 30 years. If you ask most of Melaccan , I think they will know this place.

    The difference between this wan tan mee and everyone else’s wantan mee is their Cha Siew and 烧肉roasted pork. Darren ordered additional 烧肉 for RM5 per bowl. Trust me the Wan Tan Mee is good, you should never miss this.

    Business was so good that the tao ge could hardly stop his hand .Although we reached there lately around 1am,but still can see a lot of old forks and locals craving to eat and tapao!

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