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  • Chocie!!!

    Posted July 20th, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    What we have here is some nice belgium waffles with tiny crystals of sugar melted within the waffles. Not only that but this little dessert is also coated with chocolated that was melted beforehand. You can even add strawberries to the order to give it some sweet, fruity and chocolaty tang to the whole dish. I specially recommend this little concoction to those who share my love for anything chocolate involved.

    The place is in Australia and it's called "Max Brenner's". Can be found in a inner Melbourne Central as well as QV. They serve practically all kinds of chocolate dish and drinks. Price range from $6~$15 AUD I think. Anyways give this little place a try if you ever happen to be by the place. Surely trying something as saliva drooling inducing as this dish would not go amiss as part of your life experience!

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