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  • Martini...KB style!!!

    Posted July 30th, 2007 at 5:45 pm

    Picture this scene: you're about 13 years old, not too young, not too old, and you wanna know what martinis taste like, coz that's what the high-flyers (big kid...) are taking... Here comes the problem... YOU'RE UNDER AGE!!! Well, not anymore... Introducing the Belgian Chocolate Mousse Martini, available at Koko Black @ Lygon St., Melbourne (Carlton, to be exact...), Australia.

    Okay, I'll stop funning you... It's chocolate mousse served in a martini glass... Koko Black is similar to Max Brenner's, as Cynthia has described. It's a chocolate cafe, so fellow chocolate fans can gather there and have nothing but CHOCOLATE. I haven't got to trying their famous Iced Chocolate but I reckon the Belgian Chocolate Mousse Martini is good enough for me, considering that I'm not very fond of chocolates (ouch, stop throwing rocks at me, you choco hooligans!!!).

    The chocolate mousse martini costs AUD$7.50 (GST included, hehehe...) which is quite reasonable... So people, if you're ever in Melbourne, drop by Koko Black and be in chocolate heaven...

    Oh yah... Ratings... Though it's not bad, but I would only give it a 3.5 out of 5 because I believe there's better chocolate mousse out there... But for AUD$7.50, no complaints!!!

  • Ribs for peeps!!!

    Posted July 22nd, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    I was back in Malaysia for winter break and I decided to meet up wif a couple of my friends for dinner. One of my friends suggested that we go try Tony Roma's @ The Curve. I was very interested to try it because I first tried Tony Roma's famous Ribs in Los Angeles back in 1999. I'm not known for my fantastic memory so if I can remember Tony Roma's from 8 years ago, you bet it was that darn good.

    I wanted to see if Tony Roma's Malaysia was as good as Tony Roma's LA.. I didn't get to try the famous ribs so I can't really do the comparison right now, but the rest of it was quite good.. We had Kickin' Shrimp (front) and Onion Loaf (back) for entree, BBQ 1/2 Chicken for main and 2(not 1, but 2...) Chocolate Avalanche for dessert.. There were 3 of us and it costs RM33/person.. Not too expensive as the portions were quite huge.. Compared to places like Italiannies and TGI Friday, Tony Roma's @ The Curve is definitely a winner.. Italiannies and TGI Friday lovers, I suggest you go try TR..

    I will definitely go again to try the ribs but for now, that's all there is...

    Oh ya.. Forgot about my rating thing.. After weighing out the taste, portion and price, I'd say it's a 4 out of 5 for me... Then again, that's just me...

  • Pancakes anyone?!?!

    Posted June 15th, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    Pancakes and chocolate lovers unite (well, at least the ones in Melbourne..)!!! Behold, the Chocolate Strawberry Jubilee!! Doesn't this looks just delectable.. Well.. The chocolate pancake is topped with vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, strawberries and lots of chocolate sauce. To add a final touch, some chocolate flakes on top... Where do I find this delicious concoction?? You can get a serving of this fine-looking dish at the Pancake Parlour in Melbourne. There's an outlet in Bourke St., but for a 24-hour fix, head on down to Doncaster. As for the price... It ranges from AUD$10 - AUD$17.. Not bad for pancakes... Serving's quite reasonable too... Great for sharing... The Pancake Parlour serves other dishes besides pancakes... On a scale of 1-5, 1 being horrible and 5 being superbly awesome, I'd give it a 3.5... So if you're a chocolate or a pancake lover or BOTH, don't forget to pay Pancake Parlour a visit when you're in Melbourne =)

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