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Why register, you'd ask?

Here are some examples on what eatery2u.com has for its members.

  • You can upload unlimited amount of images to our website. If you've just been to a great restaurant and have pictures taken, share them with friends and everyone here.
  • You can add eateries into your Favorite List. The listing can be access on the menu above.
  • Each eatery at this website can be rated by you. Have a go with the eatery and rate it according to your experience.
  • If rating is not enough to express your pleasure, you also can jot it down on the eatery's page.
  • Certain of the eateries here can be added into your Wish List. By having this, the owner of the eatery will randomly select Wish List members for special offer such as discount or even free meals!
  • You can preview eatery2u.com's members profile and their uploaded pictures. On top of that, you also able send a quick message to them just to initiate a conversation.
  • You can opt to receive mail regarding latest eatery entries from us. Or better still, you can choose to read our RSS feed.
This all is FREE

Here at eatery2u.com, we are upgrading the website features everyday at consistant rate. You will certainly see more outstanding features in near future.

Have pleasant time surfing eatery2u.com! Your Perfect Guide For Your Perfect food here in Malaysia.

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